2 Gorgeous Christmas Markets Around the World

Christmas market
Photo by cmophoto.net on Unsplash

Christmas isn’t here just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting emotionally ready for all the sparkly festivities and attractions it has to offer. One of the most beautiful and magical things in the world, which is only available on Christmas time, is Christmas markets; and they are held in numerous places around the globe. So, which one should you mark as your target destination for next Christmas? Here are two viable options.

Edinburgh Christmas Markets

The Scottish capital is famous for its Christmas festivities, a central part of which is the local Christmas markets. The Scots start early, with Christmas celebrations starting in November and continuing all the way to the beginning of January. There are a few major markets in different locations across the city, featuring numerous stands and different attractions for all ages like bars for the grownups, carousels and a Ferris wheel for the kids, and even an ice rink.

Amsterdam Christmas Markets

Another great place to soak in some of that holiday magic is Amsterdam. A popular tourist attraction all year long, this European capital turns even more enchanting come Christmas time. Much like Edinburgh, Amsterdam also has quite a few different Christmas markets spread out across the city. From food trucks and live music to skating rinks, amusement park rides and gift stands, the Amsterdam market really gives you the full winter wonderland experience.