2018’s Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Tbilisi, Georgia. Photo by Jaanus Jagomägi on Unsplash

If you’re thinking about traveling in 2018, consider these destinations for your vacation:

NinhBinh (Vietnam)

Lush green valleys and magnificent landscapes will bring travelers serenity with their majesty.


Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Characterized by its famous landmark, the Triple Bridge, this historical and cultural melting pot offers great diversity.

Boracay (Philippines)

This tiny island is idyllic with beautiful untouched scenery and beaches.


Seoul (South Korea)

The old and the new exist side by side in Seoul. Latest technology resides with ancient Buddhist traditions in this vibrant city.

Essaouira (Morocco)

This seaside town offers opportunities for watersports, shopping, and a more leisurely pace.

Sucre (Bolivia)

A city rich in Bolivian history, Sucre features fascinating museums and cathedrals for travelers.

Zadar (Croatia)

This coastal town offers the chance to see historical sites, visit beautiful beaches, and a chance to see the musical Sea Organ.

Tbilisi (Georgia)

A city of great diversity in culture and architecture will thrill any traveler.

Upolu (Samoa)

The scenic beauty of this island is breathtaking, and the diving opportunities are incredible.

Mallorca (Spain)

This Mediterranean paradise offers many tourist amenities in a picturesque landscape.