3 Amazing Facts about the Welsh Language

Welsh language, or Cymraeg, is among the oldest and most fascinating European languages. It belongs to the Celtic language family and is spoken natively in Wales—but it’s not as popular as it used to be. With less than a million people using it today, the Welsh language is marked as “vulnerable” by UNESCO. Here are some incredible facts about it.

You Can Say “Yes” 20 Different Ways

Depending on the context, the person being asked the question, and some other things—you can answer a question with “yes” in 20 different ways. When it comes to “no,” there’s only one word used in the Welsh language, and it’s the same as in English—no.

It’s 4,000 Years Old

As one of the oldest languages in Europe, Welsh has a tradition about 4,000 years long. In comparison, the earliest form of English can be traced back to around 1,500 years ago.

It’s Very Difficult

Non-native speakers find learning Welsh very difficult. It objectively is difficult compared to other languages, and there are many things about it that frustrate new learners. Making certain words plural is an example of that.