3 Beautiful Lakes You Shouldn’t Miss in Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda
Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda. Photo by Social Income on Unsplash

Uganda is worth the visit for its natural wonders alone, ranging from mountains to waterfalls. Lakes in this African country also happen to be top of the line and deserve a spot on your bucket list. Here are three beautiful lakes that you should consider checking out while in Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi

Located close to the border with Rwanda, Bunyonyi is one of Uganda’s most stunning lakes. This scenic highland lake is surrounded by 29 verdant islands, and it’s best known for its green and lush terraced hills. It’s a popular location for swimming, canoeing, and birdwatching since over 200 bird species live in this area.

Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo may not be extremely impressive on its own, but it’s worth the visit for its surrounding area. It’s located in the heart of the Lake Mburo National Park, which is home to multiple lakes and wetlands, but it’s best known for its diverse wildlife, with many safari tours.

Lake Albert

The seventh-largest lake in Africa, Lake Albert is one of Uganda’s Great Lakes in the upper Nile system. It’s home to many native aquatic and semi-aquatic animals, ranging from Nile crocodiles and African softshell turtles to around 55 species of fish.