3 Best-Kept-Secret Spots of Sydney, Australia

3 secret spots in Sydney, Australia.
Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

When visiting Sydney, Australia most people make sure touristy attractions like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are on their itinerary, but there are a ton of lesser-known spots that shouldn’t be missed. Chances are you won’t find these attractions in the guide books, but they’re the hidden treasures within the city. Don’t miss these three best-kept-secret spots in Sydney.

Mortuary Station

Also known as Regent Street Station, over the years Mortuary Station has housed Sydney’s residents who’ve passed away before they were buried at Rockwood Cemetery and it’s been a dog and horse loading bay, a parcel dispatch station, and a pancake restaurant. Now you’ll find after-dark tours that will give you a haunted view of the city.


Footpath of Fame

Like Hollywood, Sydney has its own footpath with handprints from celebrities and this one dates back to 1983. In addition to entertainment, sports, and political figures, you’ll find handprints of make-believe characters like Santa Claus and Big Bird.

Queenscliff Tunnel

Made over a century ago by fishermen, Queenscliff Tunnel connects the Queenscliff and Fisherman beaches. The 40-meter tunnel is such a secret that you won’t find signs or a boardwalk to lead you there.