3 Best Museums for Music Lovers in Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria. Photo by Leyre . on Unsplash

Austria’s capital Vienna is a city where you’ll find many museums dedicated to music. This isn’t a surprise, considering famous composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss, and Ludwig van Beethoven all lived here at one point in their lives. Now, we know that most tourists don’t have enough time on their hands to check them all out. And that is okay, as long as you visit the ones below.

House of Music

This museum is dedicated to music in general. It covers all periods of sound and music, starting from those made by primitive instruments to today’s advanced technology. The exhibits are presented through artifacts, sound installations, and interactive and multimedia presentations.

Collection of Old Musical Instruments

The Collection of Old Musical Instruments contains an impressive collection of old instruments focusing on the renaissance and baroque periods. There are also quite a few instruments that belonged to famous musicians including those played by Mahler, Liszt, Hayden, and Beethoven.

Pasqualati House

Beethoven spent more than 35 years in Vienna and lived all over the city. However, his most famous residence has to be Pasqualati House. The composer occupied the premises on multiple occasions, and the place now has a small museum dedicated to him. Visitors can check out some of Beethoven’s possessions as well as other items dedicated to him.