3 Best Things To Do At Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

Photo by FUTC on Unsplash

Whether you are young or old, if have just a few days or a few weeks in Switzerland, you have to add a visit to Mount Pilatus to your itinerary. The view from the top is exactly what you would picture when you think of Switzerland’s famous mountainous landscape.


Here are the top 3 attractions you should absolutely visit at Mount Pilatus. 

Toboggan run 

The adventurous run down the 1,350-meters long chrome-steel channel – the longest summer toboggan run in Switzerland – which starts at Fräkmüntegg (1,415 m). The numerous twists, turns and tunnels called “dragon dens” promise great fun from May to October, and each run is a memorable and exciting experience.


Rope Park 

If you are an adrenaline addict, the Pilatus Rope Park is the right place for you. With more than ten different parkours, Pilatus Rope Park is ideal for every adventurous person. From monkey trees to zip lines, this adrenaline park will give you all the thrills you need.

Hiking, Biking, and Paragliding 

With more than 11 biking and 6 hiking trails, Pilatus offers a journey of discovering the beauty of the mountain in its full glory. The trails range from easy to alpine, thus offering appropriate routes for families, school groups, senior citizens, associations and nature lovers.