3 Best Things To Do Inside Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower, Kyoto, Japan
Photo by Yohei Shimomae on Unsplash

Kyoto is best known as the cultural capital of Japan, with many beautiful ancient temples scattered around it, but its modern architecture is just as impressive. Kyoto Tower is one of the city’s shining stars, and here are the three best things you can do while exploring it.

Enjoy the Views from the Observation Deck

The main reason to visit Kyoto Tower is its 100-meter observation deck, which offers picturesque views of Kyoto and its surroundings. It was a capacity of 500 people and you can enjoy 360-degree views of the city from its free telescopes, catching a glimpse of some of Kyoto’s best-known temples.

Explore Kyoto Tower Sando

Kyoto Tower Sando occupies the basement and the first two floors of Kyoto Tower, and it’s definitely worth exploring. It’s home to several eateries serving specialties of the local cuisine, but it also offers a souvenir market and workshops, letting you experience the culture of Kyoto first-hand.

Dine at Sky Lounge

Kyoto Tower is one of the city’s prime dining spots, and it offers some of the most exclusive restaurants in this Japanese metropolis. The three-floor circular restaurant called Sky Lounge “KUU” is the first that comes to mind, offering magnificent views that you can enjoy over dinner.