3 Best Ways to Visit National Parks on a Budget

Yoho National Park, Field, Canada
Yoho National Park, Field, Canada. Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen on Unsplash

If you can’t resist exploring the national wonders of each country you go to, national parks are probably your favorite place to be. Unfortunately, visiting them doesn’t come cheap when you take accommodation, travel expenses, and entrance fees in mind, but here are some of the best ways to make your visit budget-friendly.

Cheaper Entrance

Not all national parks come with an expensive entrance fee and many of them can be visited free of charge. Find those that fall under that category, or try to learn if the country you’re visiting offers national park passes that cover several attractions at once.

Cheaper Transportation

Your transportation expenses will be pretty high if you rent a car and travel alone, so consider finding a company or joining a rideshare app. If driving around the country is not an option, consider visiting national parks located in close proximity to the main tourist hubs. They’re usually easier to reach this way and there are many guided tours available.

Consider Camping

Accommodation near national parks usually comes with a high price tag. You shouldn’t give up on your trip if you can’t afford it because camping is always an option and it can make your visit even more memorable.