3 Charming Islands to Visit of the Coast of Faro, Portugal

Tavira Island, Portugal.
Tavira Island, Portugal. Image by sergoua/Depositphotos

Beautiful, sun-kissed beaches are scattered all around Portugal thanks to its convenient location on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Faro (not to be confused with Faroe islands) is home to some of the very best, and you can discover them by paying a visit to one of the tiny islands that form its rich lagoon system.

Tavira Island

Tavira is just 11 kilometers long, but don’t let its tiny size trick you into thinking there’s not much to see here. This island is a part of the Ria Formosa natural reserve and it’s home to some of the most charming white sand beaches in all of Algarve.

Barreta Island

Speaking of tiny islands with white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, Barreta also falls under this category. If you’re looking for a great escape, this seven-kilometer-long island is the place to be since it’s one of the most secluded in this area. That makes it a perfect home for one of Faro’s most visited nude beaches.

Culatra Island

Culatra is another tiny island that’s a part of the Ria Formosa natural reserve, and you can basically explore everything it has in a single day because it’s just six kilometers long. In addition to beautiful sandy beaches, it’s also home to a historic lighthouse that’s impossible to miss.