3 Common Mistakes You’re Making When Packing Toiletries for Your Trip

Toiletries Bag
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

The list of essentials that you’ll pack for your trip is pretty much endless, and toiletries are somewhere on top of the list. The way you pack your toiletries makes all the difference, so it’s important to avoid making these common packing mistakes.

Not Respecting Airline Rules

Packing toiletries may not be rocket science, but there are certain rules that apply only to them, especially when you’re flying with carry-on luggage. If that’s the case, your toiletry containers must hold 100 ml or less and fit in a quart-sized bag, and they’ll be thrown away if they don’t comply with these rules.

Packing Full-Sized Bottles

Before packing full-sized bottles, reconsider if you’ll really need them for a week or two. It’s a much better idea to use travel-sized containers to bring the irreplicable products along and buy the rest at your destination if the prices are similar and you’re planning a longer stay.

Not Preventing Leaks

Your toiletries will wreak havoc inside your luggage unless you make sure they’re leak-proof. Carrying your toiletries inside a Ziploc bag should get the job done, but it’s sometimes a good idea to seal the caps with duct tape or plastic wrap for an extra layer of protection.