3 Destinations with Perfect Weather in December

The travel industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t daydream about future travels and make plans. In case things get a bit better within a month—and depending on where you live and where you can travel—here are some destinations that are perfect for December, thanks to mild climate and nice weather.

Marrakesh, Morocco

With the average December temperature of 20°C/68°F, Marrakesh is one of the best cities you can visit during winter. The city has so much to offer—from history and culture to new designer hotels. The nice weather will allow you to enjoy it all.

Auckland, New Zealand

The average temperature in Auckland in December is around 22°C/71°F. This big city is beautiful and has plenty of things to explore. There’s plenty of nature for those who want to escape the busy everyday life, and the diverse culture will make your trip very exciting.

Miami, Florida

Miami is very warm in December, with the average temperature around 24°C/75°F. It’s not uncommon to go on a beach party instead of having to wear a sweater. Miami is a perfect vacation destination for many—especially if your typical trips are different, and you just want to relax for a few weeks.