3 Fascinating Waterfalls You Have to See in Chile

Photo by David Vives on Unsplash

Chile is home to many geysers, lakes, and volcanoes—so it’s pretty easy to forget all the amazing waterfalls it has in store. These three deserve a spot on your travel itinerary if you’re planning a road trip around this country.

Petrohué Waterfalls

Even if you’re not chasing waterfalls around Chile, a visit to this scenic place is a must. This waterfall is located in the very heart of the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, in the upper reach of Petrohué River, and its most striking feature are beautiful views of the Osorno Volcano in the background.

Photo by Trevor Vannoy on Unsplash

Salto del Laja

Salto del Laja consists of four horseshoe-shaped falls. They’re located on each arm of Laja River, with a narrow canyon at the bottom. This waterfall offers a unique adventure, because you can go hiking, camping, or horseback riding during your visit.

Photo: Alonso Jiménez Quesada/Wikimedia Commons

Ojos del Caburgua

Ojos del Caburgua is another scenic spot popular with hikers, swimmers, and nature lovers. Lake Caburgua and Lake Villarrica are both located in close proximity to the waterfall, which will win you over with its clear waters and deep blue ponds.

Photo: Draceane/Wikimedia Commons