3 Foods You Have to Try in Provence, France

Provence, France
Photo by Dimitri Iakymuk on Unsplash

Provence, a region in the south of France, is famous for its stunning lavender fields, its alluring coastline and its fantastic food. Whether you’re seeking rustic dishes or gourmet options, the traditional cuisine of Provence has something for everybody. If you’re visiting this fantastic region of France, or fancy whipping up some homemade versions of some traditional Provencal classics yourself, check out these three key dishes which you can expect to find right across the region.


This now-famous dish was once a mainstay in rustic, traditional kitchens across the region of Provence. A great option for a vegan dish, a classic ratatouille is made using the freshest produce and quality olive oil. There are plenty of recipes online, the key to making this dish great rather than good is to allow the vegetables long enough to cook together and soak up all of the tomato and olive oil flavor. If you’re in Provence, head to almost any cafe or restaurant and you’re sure to find a version of this on offer.


As a coastal region, Provence has plenty of access to high quality fish and seafood. The classic dish of bouillabaisse demonstrates this wonderfully. It’s a rich broth, garnished with plenty of shellfish to deliver an irresistible flavor. As a fairly complex, time-intensive dish, this may be one that’s best left to the experts, so seek it out if you’re vacationing in Provence.


In Provence, aioli is eaten as a delicious accompaniment to a range of fish, meat and vegetable dishes. If you’re making it at home, sometimes the best way to enjoy it is to opt for simplicity by serving it alongside some steamed green vegetables. When dining in Provence, order it as a delicious and luxurious side to whatever mains you’re ordering.