3 Hotel Hacks That Will Save You Cash

Hotel pool
Photo by Valeriia Bugaiova on Unsplash

It’s very easy to book a hotel room, but pro travelers manage to save some money while doing it! Here are the top three hacks we discovered that will help you save on hotels. Use that money for some new experiences at your destination and have fun.

Book Directly

Browsing sites like hotels.com and booking.com is very convenient and it gives you a chance to find the best hotels for your needs and compare prices and other features. Use multiple websites to find the best deals and then call or email the hotel directly and see what’s the best price they can offer. Some hotel chains offer loyalty points only to those that book directly, which is another great perk.

Pick Your Days

You may think that the hotel room prices are the highest during the weekends, but that’s not always true. Downtown hotels that are used for business travel often have better offers after the workweek, so it’s worth checking and comparing.

Free Wi-Fi

We can all agree that wi-fi charges suck, but you can sometimes avoid them by applying for loyalty programs, especially at bigger chains. Note that when a hotel has free wi-fi access for all, it’s usually accompanied by poor signal because of many users.