Drinking is a big part of socializing in South Korea. It’s a great way to bond with friends and to relax after long working days. After a few drinks, the atmosphere typically relaxes and everyone’s ready to have a good time. Alcohol is pretty cheap in Korea, which is just another reason it’s so popular. However, there are some rules you should follow if you never went drinking in Korea before.

Respecting the Elders

It’s a huge compliment to be offered a drink from your superior at the end of the workday. Respecting the elders is a big part of the Korean tradition that also applies to drinking, so remember to always accept the first drink you’re offered and let them pour it for you.

Never Pour Your Own Drink

This one is subtle but important. You should pour drinks for others and let them do the same for you. When doing so, hold the bottle with both hands. If you want to take a break and not get your glass refilled, make sure you leave some of the drink in it because an empty glass will always get refilled in no time.

Eat While Drinking

Drinking in Korea never goes without a snack. The bars typically offer savory snacks while you can expect a platter of fruit with soju cocktails.