3 Interesting Christmas Traditions in Brazil

Christmas in Brazil
Photo by Anderson W Rangel on Unsplash

If you’ve always wondered what Christmas in Brazil looks like, you may be surprised that it’s not that different from Christmas in America or Western Europe. Of course, the weather is much nicer, but many of the customs came from the Portuguese settlers centuries ago. Here’s how Brazilians celebrate Christmas.  

Papai Noel  

Papai Noel is, of course, Brazilian Santa Claus. He lives in the North Pole and travels to deliver Christmas presents, but he doesn’t travel through chimneys—when he finds a sock or a stocking on a windowsill he replaces it with a gift. He often wears a silk suit (it looks the same as Santa Claus suit) to fight the warm weather.  

Christmas Eve Is Big  

Christmas Eve is an important holiday spent with family over a lot of food. People typically spend the afternoon with friends before going home for a big, festive dinner. At Midnight, people clink glasses and wish each other a Merry Christmas before the big present exchange.  

Caixinha Box  

At many stores, restaurants, cafes, and other places you will see a cardboard box decorated with wrapping paper. It’s meant for the customers to leave tips for the employees and wish them a Merry Christmas through that little act of kindness.