3 Museums in San Francisco to Visit with Your Whole Family

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

San Francisco is one of California’s most beautiful cities and it’s equally beloved by people of all ages. It may not be home to big amusement parks, but it makes up for it with many other fun family-friendly spots it has in store, including its many interactive museums.

Museum of Ice Cream

Instagram-friendly museums are all the rage right now, but they weren’t such a huge hit when this one opened. The Museum of Ice Cream helped put them on the map, and it will win you over with its colorful interior, hands-on exhibits, and a café that offers ice cream tastings.

The Walt Disney Family Museum

California is home to many attractions that explore Disney’s history, and this is one of the very best. The Walt Disney Family Museum celebrates the life and legacy of the founder of one of the world’s leading film studios, and it features original artwork and interactive exhibits.


If science and technology happen to be your kids’ favorite subjects to explore, Exploratorium will knock them off their feet. It’s a perfect mix between an experimental lab and a scientific funhouse, with 1,000 exhibits that you can take part in on its premises.