3 National Parks to Check Out in Spain

Picos de Europa, Spain
Picos de Europa, Spain. Photo by Marc Markstein on Unsplash

National parks exist in countries all around the world and are often some of the best places to visit when exploring an area. These designated regions are often some of the most beautiful places and are ideal for hiking or just taking in the scenery. There are amazing national parks across Spain, and here are three that should be added to everyone’s bucket list. 

Picos de Europa National Park

This national park is located in the north of Spain and features stunning scenery. It was the first national park to be created in Spain, and the jagged, rocky mountains are a popular destination for many. It has exciting wildlife including bears and wolves, and beautiful glacial lakes.

Sierra Nevada National Park

Located in Andalucia in the south of Spain, this is the largest national park in the country. A popular location for skiers, this area is also great for hiking and bird-watching. Despite being so southern, the high altitude of these mountains means they see lots of snow in winter, and are a spectacular sight to see.

Doñana National Park

Also located in southerly Andalucia, this national park offers very different scenery and experiences. Based right on the coast, it has incredible marshes and wetlands which are home to a huge range of wildlife.