3 New Buildings We Loved in 2020

The year that’s almost behind us has definitely been crazy, but we can’t deny it also brought us some good things. Among them are these three incredible buildings that show the latest trends in architecture and we really, really love them.

Jiunvfeng Study on Mount Tai (China)

Jiunvfeng Study was carefully designed to fit into the sacred space that surrounds it. It’s shaped like a cloud and sits on the lowest peak of Mount Tai. The building’s design makes it easy to forget you’re sitting in a modern building, because it respects and works with nature around it.

Museum of Contemporary Art Helga de Alvear (Spain)

The Helga de Alevar Foundation headquarters is located in the city of Cáceres, Spain. The building is not new; it was first built in 1913—and it was now restored and extended to match the surroundings in the most beautiful way.


Cycle Through the Trees in Bosland (Belgium)

There’s a new cycling path in Bosland, Belgium that offers a unique chance to cycle through the trees. The path is perfectly comfortable for cyclers of all ages, and it goes in a circle, which means you have an opportunity to ride and enjoy the view for as long as you want.