3 Popular Spots in England for Paddle Boarding 

Paddle Boarding
Photo by Ganinph on Pexels

Stand-up paddle boarding, often referred to as SUP-ing or simply paddle boarding, has had a boom in popularity over the last few years. This is noticeable across the UK, and in England, there are many incredible spots to enjoy this sport. If you’re exploring England and would like to try paddle boarding somewhere, then here are three areas that draw paddle boarders in. 

Brighton Beach, Brighton

Across the wide span of Brighton Beach, you’ll spot paddle boarders of all ages and abilities drifting across the water. There are many places to rent here, and the views and atmosphere are wonderful. If you time your session for the sunset you’ll be rewarded with the magical colors and textures of the sky and sea blending together. 

Ullswater, The Lake District

The Lake District inevitably has some of the best lakes in the whole country, and Ullswater is one of the best spots for watersports in general and is particularly popular with paddle boarders. You can enjoy lovely still, calm water along with some fantastic views of the surrounding hills and luscious woodlands. 

Hickling Broad, Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads are incredible for paddle boarding. There are over 100 miles of winding waterways to explore, and Hickling Broad is ideal for a calm, serene experience. Not only are the still, gentle rivers perfect for paddle boarding on, but you can also look out for some incredible wildlife