3 Quiet, Charming Mexican Towns

At first, Mexico was popular among tourists who visited its beaches and resorts. Then Mexico City became a popular travel destination, along with Cancún and Puerto Vallarta. And now, people are traveling to Mexico to experience the country’s small towns, which show its quieter side. Here are some of the best places to visit.


Cuetzalan is a town located two hours southeast of Mexico City, and it’s absolutely magical over weekends. A traditional Mesoamerican dance is performed by “flying men”—known as voladores in Mexico—who dangle from a pole in front of the Parroquia de San Francisco de Asís. Sunday is the time for the open market, where locals set up stalls with fresh food and flowers, but also clothes and handcrafts. 


Taxco will charm you with its white houses and red roofs that look like a postcard. You can see the Templo de Santa Prisca cathedral in the center of the city and stroll through its magical streets.


This town on the Gulf of Mexico has a rich history. It’s been a harbor town in the past and the Spanish colonials from the 16th century have been beautifully preserved. There’s the Museo de la Arquitectura Maya that offers a look into the history of the area.