3 Reasons to Put Lake Titicaca on Your Bucket List

Lake Titicaca
Photo by Amy Rollo on Unsplash

Safely tucked away on the border of Bolivia and Peru, Lake Titicaca is one of South America’s best-hidden secrets. The largest lake on this continent will captivate you with its stunning landscapes and indigenous heritage, and here are three reasons why it deserves a spot on your bucket list.

Natural Wonder

With its famously still and brightly reflective waters and stunning mountain landscapes, Lake Titicaca is worth visiting for its natural beauty alone. With a surface elevation of around 12,500 ft, it’s one of the highest lakes in the world, and its crystal clear waters and surrounding islands make it even more breathtaking.

Rich History

Lake Titicaca is often described as the birthplace of the Incas, and it will win you over with its rich cultural heritage. Numerous ruins are scattered around it, and Incas believed that the sun god was once born here, on Isla del Sol. There are several islands surrounding the lake, each one with its own distinct culture and heritage.

Floating Island

Floating islands are one of Lake Titicaca’s most fascinating attractions, and most of them have been man-made by the Uros people. They are entirely made of totora reeds that grow abundantly in the shallows of the lake, offering a fascinating canvas for these floating islands.