3 Reasons to Visit St Kilda Beach While in Melbourne, Australia

St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Australia
St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Australia. Photo by Oliver Williams on Unsplash

Melbourne is home to several Instagram-friendly, sun-kissed beaches, but none of them compares to St Kilda. Located in one of the must-see seaside suburbs of this Australian metropolis, St Kilda Beach has many amazing attractions in store and here are three reasons why you should visit it.

St Kilda Pier

One of the main landmarks of this stunning beach is St Kilda Pier, a historic pier that was built all the way back in 1855. It became one of Melbourne’s icons in the decades to come, and it’s a great place to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and observe little penguins flocking to its shores.

Little Penguins

Speaking of little penguins, there’s an entire colony of around 1,200 of these birds living at St Kilda Beach. Public viewing is one of the most popular activities with tourists and locals alike since it’s one of the best places in Australia to observe them in their natural habitat.

Recreational Activities

Most people coming to St Kilda are there to see the little penguins, but this attraction is—first and foremost—Melbourne’s most popular beach. It has many amazing recreational activities in store, including walking, sunbathing, and watersports.