3 Reasons to Visit the San Blas Islands While in Panama

San Blas Islands, Panama
San Blas Islands, Panama. Photo by Angel Silva on Unsplash

The San Blas Islands are a little pocket of heaven off the coast of Panama, and they’ll make you see this Central American country in a whole new light. This archipelago has approximately 365 islands in store, each one unique in its own right, and here’s why you should consider exploring them while in Panama.

Endless Travel Inspiration

The San Blas Islands basically have one island for each day of the year, but approximately 49 of them are inhabited. You can stay here for weeks and never get bored, hopping from one island to the next and discovering the tiny miracles they have in store.

Water Sports

The lack of hurricanes in this area makes San Blas Islands a perfect spot for a wide range of water sports. Sailing is one of the most popular activities in this area, but you can also go swimming and snorkeling and discover the rich marine life hiding underneath the turquoise waters.

Rich Legacy

The San Blas Islands are inhabited by the Guna/Kuna people, a community of indigenous people with their own traditions and customs. They control the tourism on their islands, providing food, accommodation, and transpiration to visitors who want to explore the San Blas Islands and learn more about their way of life.