3 Reasons Why You Should Explore Street Art in Each City You Visit

Street art in Zurich
Photo by Timon Klauser on Unsplash

If your preferred way of discovering a new city is simply roaming around and stumbling upon tiny miracles along the way, you probably have a soft spot for street art. Street art hunting is one of the most affordable activities to do in a new city, and it comes with a long list of benefits.

Free Gallery

Street art is basically the best way to explore the art scene of a new city without breaking a bank. Entrance fees at leading art museums often come with a pretty high price tag, but you don’t have to pay anything to check out street art, as long as you’re ready to roam around and discover it on your own.

Authentic Feel

In addition to its affordability, street art differs from works displayed at art museums because there isn’t the same kind of gatekeeping involved. It has a more authentic feel, and it will give you the kind of understanding of the local art scene that expensive museums never could.

Great Photos

Whether it’s a huge mural or simple graffiti, street art can be a great backdrop for photos. It can give your snaps an edgy vibe, but your photos will look just as great if you don’t want to be in the frame.