3 Social Distancing Tips for Popular Tourist Attractions

Popular tourist attractions were less crowded than ever this year, but they still got a significant number of visitors as locals replaced the tourists. Keeping social distance while visiting them is crucial, and you can do that by following these three steps.

Pick the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to avoiding the crowds, and it has been the best strategy long before the pandemic. The earlier you get up, the better chance you’ll have to keep a safe distance. Avoiding the weekends is also a good idea.

Explore the Outdoors

It’s much easier to keep a safe distance when you’re outdoors, because the space around you isn’t so limited. If you’re planning to visit indoor attractions, make sure to wear a mask and avoid the spaces that seem too confined and crowded.


Avoid Guided Tours

Guided tours are a learning experience, and they come with a long list of benefits—but they’re not the best idea right now. It’s much more difficult to social distance when you’re visiting a certain attraction with a group of people who tend to flock around the tour guide.