3 Spectacular Underground Sites In Europe

Cave Altamira, Spain. Photo by rechitansorin

The old continent is full of historic treasures and wonderful sites that are thousands of years old, and people from all around the world flock each year to visit them. But true gems are not always found on the ground – sometimes, you need to seek for them deep underground. Sounds interesting? Here are a few fascinating underground sites in Europe that will tickle your imagination! 

Cave Altamira, Spain 

This cave was accidentally discovered by a hunter sometime in the 1800s, and is as intriguing now as it was then. The cave is full of animal bones and amazing rock art that dates back to 35,000 – 11,000 B.C.  

Rome’s Catacombs, Italy 

Right under Rome’s crowded streets, you can find awe-inspiring ancient catacombs that stretch for many miles. The Museum and Crypt of the Capuchin Friars hold mummified skeletons and the bones of 3,000 plague victims that are used as decoration, while the Catacomb of Priscilla has intriguing fresco-lined tunnels.    

Pilsen Historical Underground, The Czech Republic

Have a tour through the labyrinth of passageways under the town of Pilsen, Czechia, that was once used to store water and food during the Middle Ages. Of course, the tour ends up with beer tasting!