3 Spots Every Art Lover Should Check Out in Montevideo, Uruguay

Museo Juan Blanes, Avenida Millán, Montevideo Montevideo Department, Uruguay
Photo by Christian von Koenig on Unsplash

Montevideo is known for its rich and diverse art scene, so it doesn’t come as a shocker to learn it’s home to countless amazing art galleries and museums. If you’re in the mood to explore some of them while in the vibrant capital city of Uruguay, here are three that deserve a moment of your time.

National Museum of Visual Arts

Montevideo’s most popular art museum is safely tucked away inside Parque Rodó, and it’s been welcoming visitors for over a century. Its diverse collection spans various periods and styles and features both Uruguayan and international art. It also offers everything from a sculpture garden to a library and conference room.

Juan Manuel Blanes Museum

From José Gurvich to Joaquín Torres García, many acclaimed Uruguayan artists have their own museums in Montevideo. That’s also the case with Juan Manuel Blanes, but you can also find works by other painters in this museum, from Pedro Figari to José Cúneo.

Contemporary Art Space

If you’re in the mood to explore Uruguay’s vibrant contemporary art scene during your visit, this art space is just the thing you need. It hosts rotating exhibitions of local and international contemporary artists on the premises of a converted 1800s prison complex.