3 Steps to Follow When Planning Your Trip to Frida Kahlo Museum

Frida Kahlo Museum is one of Mexico City’s top attractions, and it will provide you with a unique insight into the artist’s life because it was her home, as well. If you’re Frida Kahlo’s fan, it’s probably already a part of your bucket list, but here’s what you should know before heading to Casa Azul.

Early Bird

Make sure to book your tickets online days before you’re planning to pay a visit to this museum – especially if you want to go on the weekend. Getting there early in the morning is your best option because it’s Frida’s actual house and the rooms are not as spacious as in other museums.

Give Yourself Time

Don’t rush yourself while exploring this unique museum, since you won’t be able to wander around as you please. If you want to learn more about Frida’s life and legacy, consider booking one of the guided tours or even a dramatization that takes place only once a month.

Explore the Gardens

Many tourists who had a chance to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum agree that the gardens are the best part of the entire experience. This is the place where you can wander freely and explore nature for however long you want.