3 Stunning National Parks to Check Out in Paraguay

Aregua, Asunción, Paraguay. Photo by David Ress on Unsplash

Safely tucked away between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, Paraguay is one of South America’s smallest, but also most charming countries. Its natural beauty knows no bounds and some of its most stunning attractions are located inside its national parks, starting with these three.

Ybycuí National Park

This national park is one of the best day-trip destinations to visit from Paraguay’s capital of Asunción and it’s definitely worth the ride. It’s one of the country’s most serene natural oases and it will win you over with its forested trails, waterfalls with natural pools, and ruins of an old iron foundry.

Nacunday National Park

Speaking of national parks that happen to be home to stunning waterfalls, Nacunday also falls under that category. It’s located close to the border with Argentina and the large waterfall Salto Ñacunday and its rugged surroundings are its main attraction.

Cerro Cora National Park

Located near the border with Brazil, Cerro Cora National Park is Paraguay’s largest project area. In addition to being a beautiful nature reserve with stunning landscapes, Cerro Cora is also an important historical site. The last battle of the Paraguayan War took place on its grounds and several historical monuments are now scattered around it.