3 Things to Avoid Before a Flight

Flying can be very stressful and require a lot of planning, but there are some things you should always avoid before flying.

Keeping Documents in a Small Bag

Keeping your passport, documents, and money in a small bag makes it easier to lose that bag in a taxi or at a café. It’s much better to use a pocket of a larger bag and keep money in several different places, just in case.

Not Using the Online Checking-In Option

If you have an option to check-in online—make sure to use it. Providing a free online check-in is a tactic some airlines (like Wizzair) use to charge you the airport check-in, and the process is simple and straightforward.


Packing Liquids in Hand Luggage

Unless you’re sure you’re following the rules about the amount of liquids and the specific way to pack them in your hand luggage, it’s better to put them in the checked luggage. If you don’t properly pack the liquids, you risk the staff taking them away, and you will certainly get angry looks from people behind you for holding up the line.