3 Things to Keep in Mind About Bringing Bottled Water on a Plane

Water bottle
Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Staying hydrated during your travels is much easier when you have a water bottle by your side. The tricky thing is that most airlines don’t allow passengers to bring liquid containers larger than 100 milliliters on board, so can you bypass this rule when it comes to water bottles?

Reusable Water Bottles

The best possible option, both in terms of travel and life in general, is bringing a reusable water bottle along. It’s the most eco-friendly option, but it’s important to make sure your water bottle is empty before packing it to avoid the risk of security throwing it away.

Tiny Bottles

Water bottles that can fit only 100 milliliters are also available and you can easily go through security with them, but they don’t make much sense. This amount of water can be drunk in a single sip, and you’ll have to refill your bottle constantly, so it’s much better to pack an empty reusable water bottle.

Plastic Water Bottles

It’s highly likely that security won’t throw away your regular plastic water bottle as long as it’s empty. Make sure to drink your water or pour it out before going through security and refill it post-security. If they throw it away, you can always buy a new bottle of water and refill it along the way.