3 Things to Remember Before Wearing Extra Clothing to Avoid Baggage Fees

Man at Airport
Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

Wearing extra layers of clothing is a popular travel hack that can save you money on extra baggage fees, but does it really work? There are a few things you should consider before going down this road because it’s not necessarily the best strategy for more reasons than one.

Lack of Comfort

You can put on five layers of clothing to avoid extra baggage fees and get away with it, but at what cost? Dealing with airport security and sitting on a plane for hours is as uncomfortable as it is, and you’ll only be making things worse by wearing several layers of clothing that you can barely walk or sit in.

Dress Code Policy

Airline staff may decide that your attire doesn’t comply with their dress code policy and ask you to remove extra layers of clothes. If you decide to wear extra layers, try to stick to putting on one extra jacket instead of wearing all your clothes at once to avoid bulky and unflattering appearances that will put a target on your back.

Weight Limitations

Wearing extra layers can help you free up space in your bag, but it won’t necessarily help you decrease its weight. Clothes usually tend to be pretty lightweight, and you should consider taking out other heavier items if you’re trying not to go over the weight limit.