3 Things You Should Always Look For in a Perfect Couchsurfing Host

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

As far as affordable accommodation goes, it doesn’t get much better than Couchsurfing. The main idea behind is to find someone to welcome you into their home free of charge, and it all starts with finding a perfect host. Unfortunately, this is also the hardest part of using Couchsurfing, but these tips can help you make it easier.

First Impression

The first step of finding the perfect host is checking out countless Couchsurfing profiles. They’ll give you a lot of information about your potential host and their home, and you can use all of it to determine if you’ll hit it off based on your common interests.

Reading Reviews

After checking out the profile of your potential host and deciding they might be the one, it’s important to check out the reviews that their past guests left behind. If you’re concerned about safety, reading the experiences of their past guests will make you much more confident about the prospect of staying with them.

Good Communication

Even if the profile and reviews of your potential host look good, you won’t know if you’re a good fit before you start talking. Once you start texting back and forth, you’ll see if the communication flows naturally or if you’re feeling uncomfortable, and decided what to do next based on that.