3 Things You Shouldn’t Miss In Timisoara

Photo: MMZ84/Pixabay

Timisoara, a city located in Romania, is one of the most loved places among tourists. It is full of people all-year-round, especially in spring and summer, when nature is blooming. Timisoara bears the nickname The City of Flowers, which has a lot to do with its parks. Here are the places you can’t miss while exploring this Romanian beauty.

Roses Park

Roses Park is one of Timisoara’s prettiest sights. It was designed for the Universal Exposition in 1891, when Emperor Franz Joseph I came to visit. After the First World War, in 1934, it was replanted and reopened as a rosarium, the largest one in this part of Europe.

Museum of the Communist Consumer

The Museum of the Communist Consumer is a free, private museum, which resembles a home from the communist era, up to the late 1980s. Open every day of the week, the museum has three large rooms full of household electronics, school paraphernalia, toys, postcards, cleaning supplies and many more retro things.

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, the astonishing building and the symbol of Timisoara, can fit 5,000 worshipers. Its construction began in 1936 and was finished in 1941. It is considered one of the tallest Orthodox buildings is the world.