3 Times When Flying With a Budget Airline Simply Isn’t Worth It

Photo by Kevin Bosc on Unsplash

Budget airlines allow you to explore the world even when you’re extremely low on money, but they’re not always the best possible option. There are times when you should think twice before booking a low-cost flight, and these three fall under that category.

Extra Baggage

The tricky thing about budget airlines is that the baggage isn’t included in the price—sometimes not even a carry-on. If you’re planning to travel with extra baggage, make sure to check the fees, and decide if traveling with a budget airline pays off.

Small Price Difference

When booking a low-cost flight, make sure to take all the expenses into the account, from transportation to and from the airport to baggage fees. Very often, you’ll find there’s a very small price difference between a low-cost and a regular flight, so it’s best to avoid budget airlines if that’s the case.

Long-Haul Flights

Budget airlines aren’t always the best idea for long-haul flights for more reasons than one. Legroom is pretty limited, all food and drinks come with a price tag, and the real trouble starts when you have connecting flights. If you’re not flying with the same airline, chances are you’ll have to pick up your luggage in between flights, which is extremely tricky if you have a short layover.