3 Tips for Comfortable Bus Travel

Traveling on the bus
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Of all the travel methods out there, going by bus certainly isn’t the most glamorous or popular one. However, it can be a great budget option and a way to get between two cities that may not have train or plane connections. If you’re planning on some bus travel, implement these strategies to make your time on the road more comfortable.

Take a Pillow

A pillow is your best ally for making sure you stay physically comfortable while riding on a bus. Whether you need support for your lumbar region or a place to rest your head as you try to get some shut-eye, pillows are a key ally in the fight for comfort while doing some bus travel.

Earphones In

Unfortunately, buses can be a noisy place especially if you have chatty people onboard or if your bus is old and its engines make a racket. Take some headphones with you, which will allow you to listen to calming music or watch a film in peace.

Motion Sickness Prep

Traveling on a bus can be a disorienting experience for your stomach, as nausea is a common problem thanks to your inability to see the horizon and the bumpiness and curviness of the roads. Take medication like Dramamine or natural supplements like peppermint to feel better.