3 Tips for Eating Like a True Foodie in Morocco

Tasty food in Morocco
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The North African country of Morocco has become a trendy destination over the past decade or so as more and more flights have opened up between Europe and this fascinating kingdom in the Mahgreb. Foodies in Morocco, in particular, will be right at home as they discover all of the delights that this country has to offer. You do have to have a little previous knowledge in order to make the best of your foodie trip to Morocco. These tips will help you!

Go Where the Locals Eat

The first thing to tell you before heading to Morocco is that if you see a place full of tourists, you’ll probably want to avoid it. Instead, look to eat at stands and restaurants where the locals are flocking. This is the first sign of a great place to eat.

Stay Away from Tap Water

Unfortunately, the tap water in Morocco can be a bit dodgy and has been known to get more than a few travelers sick. Don’t eat fresh fruits and vegetables that might have been washed with tap water or drink it, as this will very possibly make you sick and unable to enjoy your foodie adventure to the max.

Learn Your Meal Times

There’s nothing worse than going out for lunch or dinner and discovering that restaurants aren’t open because of differing meal times in Morocco than in your country of origin. Dinner doesn’t usually start until around 8 or 9 pm, and lunch is typically enjoyed between 1 and 2.