3 Tips For Your First Interrail Trip

A train trip in Poschiavo, Switzerland
Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

The Interrail Pass is a train ticket that allows you to travel Europe by train and save some money on transportation. Interrailing is a unique experience that can turn into the adventure of a lifetime, and here are three important things to know before this trip.

Pack Light

Since you’ll be traveling Europe, walking around cities, hopping on and off the train for several weeks or even months, it’s pretty much necessary to pack light. Packing only the basics such as documents, toiletries, and some clothes will be difficult, but it’ll make this trip more comfortable and safer.

Choose Your Companions Wisely

Being careful about who your travel with is the first thing you’ll need to do while planning your Interrail adventure. Interrailing is a unique and spontaneous type of travel and it’s definitely not for everyone. It can be mentally and physically demanding, so it’s important to choose wisely the people you want to travel with.

Don’t Worry For Not Seeing Everything

Chances are you won’t be able to visit all of your dream destinations on one Interrail adventure. It’s better to accept this sooner rather than later because trying to achieve too much on this trip can only cause a lot of anxiety and cost you time and money.