3 Unique Attractions That Make Bendigo, Australia Worth the Visit

Bendigo, Australia
Bendigo, Australia. Photo by Joel Bramley on Unsplash

Melbourne is usually the first and only city that people think of when someone mentions Victoria, but this Australian state is home to many more places worth exploring. Bendigo is one of its most charming towns, and it’s worth the visit for these three unique attractions alone.

Golden Dragon Museum

One of the things that Bendigo is best known for is its rich Chinese heritage and this museum is the best place to explore it. This historical complex is located inside Bendigo’s Chinatown and it features exhibits exploring the culture and history of Chinese Australians, in addition to a traditional garden and tearoom.

Central Deborah Gold Mine

Bendigo is one of Australia’s original boomtowns, with many migrants moving here from Europe and China during the Victorian gold rush in the 19th century. This part of the city’s history lives on in the Central Deborah Gold Mine, which now offers underground tours after reopening in 1986.

Bendigo Tramways

Trams used to be one of the main means of public transport in Bendigo until 1972 and they still operate as tourist attractions. The company called Bendigo Tramways now offers city history tours on restored trams from the early and mid-20th century and it’s one of Bendigo’s must-try experiences.