3 Unique Traditions You Can See in Japan

Fujiyoshida, Japan
Fujiyoshida, Japan. Photo by David Edelstein on Unsplash

Japan is a fascinating country that offers the perfect mix of traditional and modern. It has a rich history and culture, and if you want to learn more about its unique tradition, keep reading. These are just some of the interesting traditions you can see around Japan. 


Hanami is the tradition of watching and enjoying beautiful cherry blossoms from March till May when the trees bloom in gorgeous pink shades. Hanami parties are common among friends and families who gather to enjoy the beauty of nature from up close. 

Taking Off Shoes 

Around Japan, you will notice people taking off their shoes before going inside. Wearing shoes inside is seen as rude and unclean. The Japanese don’t want to bring the dirt from the outside to their homes, so the shoes are removed on the little porch at the entrance. It’s typical to wear house slippers inside—these are shoes that are never worn outside and the host typically has some for guests. 


Bowing is a traditional part of Japanese culture. There are different types of bows. Friends greet with slight bows, while deep bows are used as a sign of respect. People bow to show thanks, respect, apologize, or ask for a favor.