3 Useful Tips for Traveling Solo During the Pandemic

Traveling solo is an extremely freeing experience, but it has its challenges—especially if you’re doing it during the global pandemic. If you want to keep your sense of wanderlust alive, here are a couple of things you should consider before hitting the road all on your own.

Accommodation Choice

Many solo travelers enjoy staying at youth hostels, because it allows them to meet new people—but that’s not really the safest option right now. Private accommodation comes with a higher price tag, but it allows you to avoid contact with other travelers.

Travel Locally

Traveling to foreign countries is best avoided for more reasons than one. By doing so, you might be putting yourself and others in a risky position, and it’s highly likely you’ll have to quarantine before or after your trip. Your home country probably has many beautiful places in store, and now’s the best time to explore them.

Mode of Transportation

Travel by car whenever possible, because it won’t put you in close proximity to total strangers. If you have to use public transportation, make sure you’re wearing a mask at all times and do your best to respect social distancing measures.