3 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Trip Even If You’re Single

Solo traveling
Photo by Julien Lavallée on Unsplash

Valentine’s Day may be the holiday for celebrating love and romance, but being single shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. You don’t need a partner to embark on a fun adventure just in time for this holiday, and here are three reasons why you should give solo Valentine’s Day trips a shot.


Most Valentine’s Day content is geared at couples, so it’s easy to forget that romantic love isn’t the only form of love worth celebrating. Self-love is equally important, and traveling solo is a great way to rediscover it because it will help you feel confident and empowered.

Think Outside the Box

Most classic Valentine’s Day destinations, such as Paris and Rome, are usually pretty expensive to visit during the holiday season. That’s why you should think outside the box and opt for destinations that aren’t usually geared at couples – especially if they’re already a part of your bucket list.

New People & Experiences

Traveling solo will leave you open to many new adventures and experiences that you wouldn’t have explored otherwise. Even if you’re not “single and ready to mingle”, you can still meet a lot of fellow travelers along the way. It’s fun to meet like-minded people even if you’re not in the mood to date, and traveling solo allows you to do just that.