4 Foods You Have to Try in New Zealand

New Zealand food
Food in New Zealand. Photo by Claire Kelly on Unsplash

New Zealand is one of the most popular and beautiful destinations in the world thanks to its wonderful landscapes, interesting culture, and delicious wine and food. Check out this short list of popular food you must try when in New Zealand.


Most people know that kiwifruit is New Zealand’s national fruit, but make sure to use your trip to this country to try another tasty fruit that New Zealanders can’t live without. Feijoa is an aromatic fruit that looks much like lime and its taste is often described as a mix between strawberry, guava, and pineapple.

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

New Zealanders absolutely love ice cream and this vanilla ice cream with honeycomb candy is by far the most popular flavor in this country.


Pavlova is an incredibly tasty and fluffy meringue dessert topped with fresh fruit that every tourist must try because this is the national dessert of New Zealand.

Mānuka Honey

This is a popular and unique honey produced in New Zealand that’s recognized for its remarkable health benefits and is also the most expensive honey in the world.