4 Lesser-Known Neighbourhoods In Famous Cities That Deserve Attention

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by Andreas Brücker on Unsplash

Every big city has its go-to neighborhood most visitors flock to. It may be the historic quarter, the shopping district, or a central neighborhood rich in restaurants and nightlife. But every city, from London to New York, also has its hidden gems—lesser-known neighborhoods that are full of charm and things to explore. Here are a few of those overlooked neighborhoods around the world.

Tooting, London

Tooting in South London has developed into a very cool neighborhood in recent years. Its main street is one of the best ‘curry corridors’ in the country, and it captures the area’s multiculturalism.

The Triangle, Lisbon

The lower rents in the three streets nestled between Lisbon’s Bairro Alto and Santos neighborhoods attracted many young creatives and entrepreneurs. This area is known as The Triangle and it is one of the most original and interesting parts of the city.

Business Bay, Dubai

The name may not sound very exciting, but trust us, Business Bay is one of Dubai’s most special neighborhoods. There is a 7.5-mile long promenade for strolling, and parks, cafes, and boutiques are continually popping up along the canal in recent years.

Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

Damansara Heights in Kuala Lumpur may keep a low profile, but this character-packed neighborhood has some noteworthy eateries like farm-to-table restaurant Sitka, cafe-bakery Huckleberry, and Skullduggery speakeasy.