4 Places Every Whiskey Lover Should Visit

Whiskey is the perfect interest for travelers, since in different locations it’s distilled and tastes differently. Indulge in the flavors as you visit these four notable examples of the local distilling style.

Ireland: Bushmills

The oldest distillery on our list, Bushmills Distillery, has been working since 1608 with a license from King James I. The tour explains the significance of the location and the water, and takes you through the distilling process and a whiskey tasting.

Scotland: Glenfiddich

Founded in 1887, the Glenfiddich distillery is the most famous of the six active distilleries in Dufftown, Scotland. The tour covers the entire process of distilling. There is, of course, a tasting at the end of the tour and an on-site restaurant.

US: Wild Turkey

The product itself needs no introduction. Founded in 1855, this Kentucky brand also has an award-winning visitors center that’s part of their tour. A bus takes you around the grounds of the distillery, explaining the operation and includes, of course, a tasting.

Japan: Chichibu

About 100km north-west of Tokyo is the Chichibu Distillery. The tour will take you around the distillery halls of the internationally-loved single malt whiskey. Get to see and learn about the rare Japanese oak (“Mizunara”) barrels that give Chichibu its award-winning unique tastes.