4 Reasons to Consider Visiting Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos
Turks and Caicos. Photo by Jay Cee on Unsplash

Tourists often overlook Turks and Caicos, preferring other Caribbean destinations like the Bahamas. But there is no good reason for that since this British overseas territory has a lot to offer its visitors. We are not just talking about the perfect Caribbean weather. So, if you are currently choosing your next travel destination, here is why you should consider Turks and Caicos.

Great Beaches

Turks and Caicos have some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. This includes long stretches of picture-perfect white sand, tall palm trees, and amazingly clear ocean water. You’ll especially enjoy Grace Bay Beach, which has been voted as the Best Beach Destination by TripAdvisor on multiple occasions.

Water Sports and Activities

Visiting Turks and Caicos doesn’t have to be all about lying on the beach and soaking up the tropical paradise around you. The destination also offers lots of opportunities for water sports and activities, including surfing, snorkeling, fishing, and much more.

It’s Not Crowded

Remember when we said tourists often overlook Turks and Caicos. Well, that isn’t actually a bad thing. Fewer crowds mean you will have all of its attractions for yourself.

Easy to Visit

It is a lot easier to visit Turks and Caicos than some of its Caribbean neighbors. Since it’s a British overseas territory, visitors from the United States, the UK, and European Union don’t need visas. Also, there are direct flights to the islands from all the major cities in America, and it takes you just an hour to get here from Miami.