4 Reasons to Pick Estonia for Your Next Trip

Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia. Photo by Filippo Cesarini on Unsplash

Estonia might not strike you as a prime tourist destination in Europe. However, this Baltic country definitely has a lot to offer to foreign visitors. Continue reading to find out why you should pick Estonia for your next trip.

Natural Wonders

Estonia is known as a country of natural wonders. It has lush green forests, imposing mounting ranges, and impressive waterfalls. It seems like wherever you look, you see something spectacular.

Outdoor Activities

If you like outdoor activities, you will love Estonia. In the summer, the country becomes a hotspot for water sports like surfing, sailing, and kayaking. In the winter, its many ski resorts come alive to bring you the best experience for skiing and snowboarding.

Intriguing History

Estonia has seen its fair share of rulers and regimes throughout history. This has left a great impact on the country’s culture and architecture. Walking around Estonian cities, you will be presented with medieval buildings, Soviet constructions, and plenty of intriguing landmarks.

Free Internet

 In most countries, the internet is a privilege. In Estonia, the internet is a right. Free internet access, usually Wi-Fi, is available throughout the country. Bars, parks, institutions, and even the most natural attractions offer free internet, allowing you to quickly share all your favorite photos from Estonia with your social media followers.

So why not go to Estonia on your next vacation?