4 Things You Should Never Do At a Hotel

Hotel tips
Photo by Fernando Álvarez Rodríguez on Unsplash

Feeling at home in a hotel is great, but it’s important to remember that your stay should feel just as pleasant to the hotel’s staff and the rest of the guests. Here are a few behaviors all hotel guests should avoid.

Leaving Your Room Undressed

As we said, the hotel may feel like your home, but it isn’t the situation. Don’t go down to the lobby or breakfast wearing your bathrobe or pajamas, and don’t leave your room barefoot.

Overdoing It at The Buffet

It’s okay to grab an extra fruit from the complimentary buffet, but many hospitality workers point out that some guests stock up on enough food to last them the whole day, which isn’t acceptable.

Making Lots of Noise

Always be mindful of the fact the hotel is a shared space, and try to make your comings and goings as calm and quiet as possible, for the sake of the other guests. Try to avoid talking loudly in the hallways and slamming doors, especially if you’re leaving for an early flight.

Update Them About Check In or Check Out

Late check-out should always be arranged in advance, and at times it just won’t be possible. Never assume it’s an option without asking as that is considered highly inconsiderate. The same goes for arriving hours early and expecting your room to be ready.